Our Story

September 2020

Our Story

The number of parents concerned their child has autism continues to grow. This increase is causing long waitlists for autism evaluations, leaving families hanging in the balance wondering “is it autism?” Accessing autism-specific expertise can pose a great challenge at answering this question.

That’s where ECHO Autism comes in. 

ECHO Autism aims to empower autism professionals with cutting-edge, evidence-based information to support families touched by autism in their home communities. The ECHO Autism program is structured for community practitioners to present real-time patient cases, using video conferencing technology to ECHO Autism’s panel of specialists, or “Hub Team,” who will provide recommendations based upon their high-level expertise and robust experience. ECHO Autism Hub Teams are made up of different types of autism professionals that maximize learning by providing information from multiple perspectives. During sessions, a wide variety of health care professionals can watch, listen, and learn. The ultimate goal of ECHO Autism is to allow families to access best-practice autism care in their home communities, without the wait. 

Our Primary Care team of autism specialists includes a pediatrician, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, a child psychologist, a dietician, a social worker, and a parent advocate. To learn more about our ECHO Autism Primary Care team, click here!

“By connecting health care providers with this team of experts, patients can receive high-quality autism care right in their home communities,” Dr. Kristin Sohl, Executive Director of ECHO Autism explains. 

ECHO Autism has been proven to reduce health care costs and increase access to care for thousands of people across the globe. 

Interested in joining an ECHO? You can start an ECHO anywhere in the world, or join an already existing one. To learn how to get started, click here

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