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ECHO Autism Communities is a global Superhub authorized to provide Project ECHO training and technical assistance, specializing in autism and disability-focused ECHO programs.

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Steps to Start an ECHO Program

Starting an ECHO Program means that organizations “replicate” the ECHO model®. The ECHO model® is a learning framework that can be applied to several areas, such as health, education, and civics. By following 4 steps, organizations can develop and launch successful ECHO programs.

Step 1: Explore

Learn more by attending Intro to ECHO Autism, a 90-minute virtual presentation that provides an overview of the ECHO model®, how it has been successfully applied to autism and disabilities, and become a foundation for ECHO Autism Communities across the globe.
Join the founder and Executive Director of ECHO Autism Communities, Dr. Kristin Sohl, and the Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives, Alicia Brewer Curran, for a presentation and rich discussion about how to leverage the ECHO model® for your area of interest.

Step 2: Agree

If you want to utilize the ECHO model® for your area of interest, please request partnership documents. These agreements are prepared for and signed at the institutional level (CEO/legal counsel) between your organization and the ECHO Institute® at the University of New Mexico.
Signing partnership agreements is a prerequisite to taking any additional steps to become an ECHO partner. When requesting your partnership agreement documents, please select ECHO Autism Communities as the Superhub you are working with.

Step 3: Learn

After signing Partnership Documents, the next step is to attend Immersion/Partner Launch Training. During this 2-day training, you will take a deep dive into the ECHO model® where your organization will be equipped with the knowledge and information necessary to build, launch, and sustain successful ECHO programs.
The entire ECHO implementation team (i.e., Lead Facilitator, Content Experts, Program Coordinator, etc.) is encouraged to attend.

ECHO Autism Partner Launch Training


June 12-13, 2024

August 21-22, 2024

October 2-3, 2024

Step 4: Design & Launch

After Immersion/Partner Launch Training, you will apply what you learned during the training to design and launch your ECHO program. ECHO Autism Communities provides Technical Assistance (TA) throughout the journey of building your program by connecting you to information and resources, offering various platforms for problem-solving barriers, and supporting your team during pre-launch practice sessions to ensure that your team feels confident on your program’s launch date!

After your program launches, ECHO Autism Communities will continue to provide TA to ensure that your team is able to sustain and expand your ECHO program. There are several opportunities available to continue to leverage the expertise of our Superhub and the larger ECHO Autism community. Together, we can bring best-practice care to local communities across the globe!