About Us

What is ECHO Autism?

ECHO Autism is a virtual learning network of providers offering real-time access to autism and behavioral experts. ECHO Autism takes the principles of ECHO and adds the components of interdisciplinary expertise, including the integration of parent expertise. Our interdisciplinary team advises providers across the country and even internationally to support best practices in autism care for medical, behavioral and education concerns. This innovative system allows professionals and caregivers to increase their confidence in identifying and treating autism and expand their knowledge about treatments and solutions.

ECHO Autism Team

Kristin Sohl MD, FAAP
Executive Director
Alicia Brewer Curran BS, Grad Cert.
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Melinda Odum LCSW, MSW
Associate Director of Training and Outreach
Melissa Mahurin BA
Associate Director of Research and Data Management
Robin Hardesty BS
Associate Director of Programs and Expansion
Christy Kidwell BA
Clinic and Training Coordinator
Misty Jordan MA
Senior Clinic Coordinator
Robin Wilcox
Clinic Coordinator
Our Goal

What is ECHO Autism?

Learn more about how the ECHO framework works and how we apply it to autism to train providers and treat patients across the world.

Our Story

How did it start?

Learn more about our story and how ECHO Autism developed into a leading way to promote and create Autism Ready Communities.