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Take Action Webinar: Mental Health

The ECHO Autism Team discusses co-occurring psychiatric disorders in autism, how to recognize them, and treatment methods across the lifespan.

Take Action Webinar: Supporting Transgender & Gender Expansive Children

Andrea Giedinghagen, MD shares ways to support transgender and gender-expansive children.

Take Action Webinar: Know the Signs of Autism Across the Life Span

ECHO Autism explains the signs of autism across the life span.

Take Action Webinar: Resources for Gender Identity & Switching

Andrea Giedinghagen, MD shares resources for trans youth and their families, including TransParent.

Take Action Webinar: How to Support Your Child's Development at Home

Experts in the autism field get together to discuss supporting children’s development at home.

Take Action Webinar: Behavioral Solutions

Behavior is such an important topic that is so critical to helping those with autism. Not only understanding behavior but supporting those with autism as they make their way through each day.

Take Action Webinar: Neurodiversity and Nuance

Attorney and autism advocate Haley Moss joins the team to discuss neurodiversity, ableism, and more!

ECHO Autism Webinar: Gender Identity and Switching

In this webinar, Andrea Giedinghagen, MD, aims to improve the knowledge of gender identity for primary care providers and other providers who care for children with autism and other behavioral health concerns.

Take Action Webinar: What is Gender Nonconformity?

Andrea Giedinghagen, MD, breaks down what gender nonconformity actually means, and the many different ways one may transition.

ECHO Autism Webinar: Common Medical Conditions in Autism

The ECHO Autism Primary Care Hub Team explores co-occurring conditions as they relate to autism and provide insights as to how families, providers, and people with autism can recognize the signs and symptoms of these conditions. The team also discusses the importance of supporting patients using a Team Care approach, which can help ensure patients and their families receive well-rounded clinical services.

ECHO Autism Webinar: Building Equity & Supporting Black & Brown Families of Individuals with Autism

Now more than ever, we need to talk about the best ways to support black and brown families of individuals with #autism. In our latest webinar, our guest experts explained how to recognize implicit bias, provide safety signals, and much more.

Take Action Webinar: Back to School During a Pandemic Follow Up

We are excited to announce the follow-up discussion for our Back to School During a Pandemic webinar. In this post-show addition, our #experts answer your questions!

Take Action Webinar: Back To School During COVID With Autism

Is your child going back to school this fall? Many families with #autism are worried about sending their kids back to school during a pandemic. That’s why we got our expert panel together to discuss strategies for success during #COVID19!

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