Expert Video: Challenging Behaviors

ECHO Autism’s experts discuss why challenging behaviors may occur, and how families and professionals can help ease them.

Expert Video: Getting an Autism Diagnosis | Experts Speak Out

Expert Video: Communication

The ECHO Expert Hub-Team breaks down different communication therapies, and why using evidence-based methods is important.

Expert Video: After the Diagnosis

After receiving an autism diagnosis, it’s important to remember you’re not alone. ECHO Autism has a community of providers that can provide access to helpful resources, tips, and tools.

Expert Video: Speech vs. Language

Speech Language Pathologist, Michelle Dampf, explains the definitions of speech and language.

Expert Video: ABC's of Behavior

Dr. Kelly Shieltz defines the ABC’s of Behavior.

Expert Video: What is ABA Therapy?

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Scheiltz explains the definition of ABA Behavioral Therapy.

Expert Video: Keep Going

Persistence is key when implementing new strategies to help children with autism. Experts remind parents not to give up, and that persistence and encouragement is very important.

Expert Video: Communication Challenges Can Affect Behavior

Speech Language Pathologist Michelle Dampf explains why communication challenges can lead to behavioral issues.

Expert Video: Prioritizing Interventions to an Individual

Experts explain the prioritizing of interventions is different for every individual.

Expert Video: A Diagnosis Is Not About the Label

Getting an autism diagnosis allows individuals to receive more access to resources and services.

Expert Video: Adults Can Get an Autism Diagnosis

With more awareness and understanding of autism, many adults are getting a diagnosis now, too.

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