ECHO Autism Communities Symposium Returns

At ECHO Autism Communities, we are excited to bring back our second annual live Symposium April 7, 2022.

Together, experts and participants can expect to learn about topics designed to enhance services, access, care, and advocacy within the autism community.  

Join us April 7, 2022 for a day of learning and empowerment as we hear from some of the most influential autism experts and advocates around the world. Some topics we’ll discuss include relationships, social encounters, mental health, racism & ableism, and global policy & advocacy initiatives happening right now. 

Spend a little bit of time getting to know our speakers below. 








If Haley’s name rings a bell to you, it might be because we had her on our recent webinar, “Neurodiversity and Nuance.” Or, it might be because she made headlines as the first openly autistic lawyer to practice in Florida. Since then, she’s published four books that guide neurodivergent individuals through professional and person challenges, and has had articles appear in outlets such as The Washington Post, Teen Vogue, and Fast Company. 

She’ll be joined by her peers Stephen Shore, Ed.D, and Paul Kotler for their panel “Listen to the Spectrum.” 








Between being a mother of a young son diagnosed with autism and Intellectual Disability, Yetta is leading initiatives in Washington D.C. and beyond that focus on bettering the lives of people on the spectrum. She is the Founder and President DC Autism Parents (DACA), leads the DC Early Act COVID-19 Response Team Project, and leads the DC Autism Collaborative Developmental, Monitoring, Screening and Evaluation subgroup. And ECHO Autism Communities is most proud to have her as a Parent Educator/Advocate on the ECHO Autism Hub Team at Children’s National Hospital. 

With such a strong background in autistic and advocacy groups in the DC area, who better to touch on the intersectionality between racism & ableism? Yetta is joined by fellow advocates  Catherine Miller, MEd, LPC, Patrina Dixon, CESP, and Pedro Velasco for this key conversation at this year’s symposium. 








Lindsey Nebeker & David Hamrick: National staff at Autism Society of America, relationship advocates

In 2015, audiences fell in love with she and her husband’s relationship in the Emmy nominated documentary, “Autism in Love.” Since the release of the film, Lindsey and Dave have appeared together in  Glamour, Good Morning America, NPR. 

They are strongly focused on the message of presuming competence for all people regardless of their labels, and bring that messaging, combined with relationship advocacy, to their panel “Weathering Autism and Relationships.” 

These are just some of the amazing speakers leading panels at the 2022 ECHO Autism Communities Live Symposium!

Don’t miss out. Register now and get ready for a day of important conversations and education.

This event is completely virtual and free, so anyone is welcome to attend. Whether you’re a professional, an advocate, or just interested in learning more, we want to see you there. Register for the event today by clicking here.  

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