Improving Autism Diagnosis & Resources in Rural Missouri

November 2019

Improving Autism Diagnosis & Resources in Rural Missouri

ECHO Autism is pushing for more resources to be available for people with autism in rural Missouri. Many experts came together for the ECHO Autism Thought Leader Summit on Mental Health & Autism to discuss how communities, including those in rural Missouri, can better provide for those with autism and affected families.

ECHO Autism’s executive director Dr. Kristin Sohl kicked off the summit.  She said, “Although it’s good that autism awareness is spreading and more people are being diagnosed, there’s not enough acceptance and understanding about what autism is and how to support those with autism.”

“Every individual with autism deserves to have success,” Curran said. “Every family that’s affected by autism deserves to get the support, and the services, and the resources they need to wrap around them and make that family and make that individual have a meaningful quality of life that can really really impact our society in such a positive way.”

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