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Project Echo: A Democracy of Knowledge

A documentary about one of the most innovative and far-reaching health initiatives on our planet. Project ECHO began In 2003 at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, developed to meet the challenge of an epidemic of hepatitis C. The model has now been used successfully around the world to treat more than 70 chronic diseases and conditions.


Improving Autism Diagnosis and Resources in Rural Missouri

Organizers from ECHO Autism’s summit are pushing for more resources for people with autism in rural Missouri. Many experts came together for the ECHO Autism Thought Leader Summit on Mental Health & Autism to discuss ways communities, including those in rural Missouri, can better provide for those with autism and affected families.

It was said several times that the system of helping those with autism is constantly changing and is difficult to navigate.

Executive director of ECHO Autism, Kristin Sohl, kicked off the summit. She said that although it’s good that autism awareness is spreading and more people are being diagnosed, there’s not enough acceptance and understanding about what autism is and how to support those with autism.

Alicia Curran, a mother with an autistic son, spoke about her story and the changes she wants so see in the community. When her son, Sam, was diagnosed with autism, she immediately began her journey of learning everything she could and spoke with countless experts. Although she had reached a point where she had felt confident with everything she had learned, one day in Sept. 2015 flipped her world upside down. Her son, who is almost twice her size, began to get violent with her and none of the gained knowledge prepared her for how to deal with that.

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Now more than ever, we need to talk about the best ways to support black and brown families of individuals with #autism. In our latest webinar, our guest experts explained how to recognize implicit bias, provide safety signals, and much more.

We are excited to announce the follow-up discussion for our Back to School During a Pandemic webinar. In this post-show addition, our #experts answer your questions!

Is your child going back to school this fall? Many families with #autism are worried about sending their kids back to school during a pandemic. That’s why we got our expert panel together to discuss strategies for success during #COVID19!

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