Autism Ready

What is an Autism Ready Community?

Everyone deserves to live their best life.  Accessing all that a community has to offer allows us to do things that make us happy and live the life we want.  People with autism have unique strengths and challenges.  We believe that autism challenges should never stand in the way of a person living their best life and communities need to come together to ensure they are Autism Ready!
ECHO Autism programs share knowledge and best-practice resources with medical providers, educators, therapists, advocates and people who work in the community to ensure people with autism and their families have access to the care and support they need to live their best life!  ECHO Autism programs build capacity in professionals who will then support the foundation of Autism Ready Communities.
Businesses like barber shops and grocery stores, organizations like sports teams and clubs, medical clinics, schools, neighborhoods, and everything in between, ECHO Autism is working towards building teams to help communities across the world become Autism Ready.
We Want To Know

What Does Autism Ready Look Like To You?

ECHO Autism builds autism ready communities, where people with autism and their families live
their best lives. We are working to define each step along the way to becoming Autism Ready and we need your help to define what an Autism Ready Community looks like.
autism ready1

Before you notice a difference, you are ready to meet someone’s needs.

autism acceptance

When you notice a difference in someone, you do what it takes to meet their needs.

autism understanding1

When you see a difference in someone, you understand there is a reason.

autism awareness

When you see a difference in someone, you pause before passing judgement.

I want to learn more about becoming part of an Autism Ready Community.


Join the conversation

We are gathering input from the community and we need your help! Post what Autism Ready means to you on social media using the #AutismReadyCommunities hashtag or tag @AutismReadyCommunities.

What does it mean to you?

We want to hear from EVERYONE! If you are a person with autism, a family member or friend, or even if you have never met a person with autism before, we want to hear from YOU – What does an Autism Ready Community like to you?
Post on social media with #AutismReadyCommunities or tag @EchoAutism to share your point of view.